The Songs That Best Describe The 2011 SEC Season For Each Team

The season is almost under-way in the biggest conference in America. If you follow this blog then you know I am a huge college football fan but you might not know that I’m also a big music fan. This is my attempt to bring those two worlds together. The *official* CFBZ SEC Preview and Predictions post (that post will include predictions from more of the CFBZ team) will be up later this month so if you are looking for analysis then come back later in the month. If you want to have some fun then check out the musical choices below and a brief description of why I chose them for each team. Below, you will find a song that I feel will describe how each SEC team will fare this year. Focus more on the title and don’t read too much into the specific lyrics but I’m sure some might match-up pretty well. Let me know if you agree or dis-agree in the comments section or you can e-mail us at collegefootballzealot at with your team specific love or hate mail. If you think you can come up with a better song then let us know!



Florida Gators

“The Long And Winding Road”- The Beatles

In the first year under Will Muschamp and Charlie Weis I think Florida is in for a rollercoaster type year. They will have highs and lows and it will indeed be a very long and winding road for them this year under their first year Head Coach.

Georgia Bulldogs

“Boys Are Back In Town”- Thin Lizzy

I might be biased since I am a UGA alum and fan but I believe this is the year that the Dawgs get their swagger back.


Kentucky Wildcats

“Glad It’s Over”- Wilco

Kentucky losses Randall Cobb, Derrick Locke and Mike Hartline this year. They will be glad when this season ends.


South Carolina Gamecocks

“Good”- Better Than Ezra

South Carolina was pretty good last year as they reached the SEC Championship Game for the first time ever. I don’t see the Gamecocks making a big jump this year but I think they will be just as “good”.



Tennessee Volunteers

“Learn To Fly”- Foo Fighters

The Vols were left for dead by that scoundrel Lane Kiffin. Tennessee will still be undermanned this year but they will have their moments as they learn to fly this year.



Vanderbilt Commodores

“Everybody Needs Love”- Drive-By Truckers

This will be yet another year at the bottom of the SEC East for the Commodores. After the season they are going to need a big hug and some love from everybody.



SEC West


Alabama Crimson Tide

“It’s Good To Be King”- Tom Petty

Alabama will once again be “king” of the SEC this year and we all know how good that feels.


Arkansas Razorbacks

“Almost Ready”- Dinosaur Jr

Arkansas has just about all the tools to make a run for the SEC Championship and I like them a lot but I don’t think they quite make it this year. They are almost ready to ascend to an SEC Championship, but not quite yet.



Auburn Tigers

“Jealous Again”- Black Crowes

Last year was a huge year for the Tigers as they won the National Championship. But this year the Tigers will have to sit back as they watch their in-state rivals take the SEC Crown and possibly a National Championship. There will be some jealousy brewing in the state in this bitter rivarly.



LSU Tigers

“Satisfaction (I Can’t Get No)”- Rolling Stones 

With their schedule it will just be impossible for the Tigers to get the satisfaction they want and ascent to the SEC Championship Game. LSU is going to be in some slobber-knockers this year but it could be a frustrating season due to their schedule.



Mississippi State Bulldogs

“Respect”- Aretha Franklin

After going 9-4 last season and running RichRod out of Michigan it really feels like the Bulldogs are still searching for some r-e-s-p-e-c-t. I think they have a pretty good year but still won’t get all the respect they deserve due to the division in which they play.



Ole Miss Rebels

“I Want To Be Sedated”- The Ramones

The Ole Miss fans are going to need to be heavily sedated during and after this season. It’s not going to be much better than last year folks.


Texas A&M Aggies

“We’re Going To Be Friends”- The White Stripes

I think this one is pretty self explanatory.

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