2013 NFL Draft: OL Rankings

The college football season is coming to a close and that means that the NFL draft will be coming up sooner than we think. Earlier this month KrisZ took a look at an early first round mock draft and Zach previewed the QB, RB and WR/TE positions by giving his rankings. Now let's take a look at the hogmollies as Zach ranks the most under appreciated players on the team, the offensive linemen.


Name College Height Weight Round Projection
Luke Joeckel Texas  A&M 6'6 310 LBs Top 8 
Taylor Lewan Michigan 6'8 308 LBs Top 20 
Jake Matthews Texas A&M 6'5 305 LBs Top 25
Eric Fisher CMU 6'8 305 LBs 1st
Justin Pugh Syracuse 6'6 305 LBs Late 1st-Early 2nd
Dallas Thomas Tennessee 6'5 305 LBs Early-Mid 2nd
D.J. Fluker Alabama 6'6 335 LBs Early-Mid 2nd
Brennan Williams North Carolina 6'7 315 LBs Mid-Late 2nd
Ricky Wagner Wisconsin 6'6 320 LBs Mid-Late 2nd
Oday Aboushi Virginia 6'6 310 LBs Late 2nd-Mid 3rd
Cyril Richardson Baylor 6'5 335 LBs Late 3rd-Early 4th
Tanner Hawkinson Kansas 6'6 295 LBs Early-Late 4th
Terron Armstead Ark Pine-Bluff 6'5 305 LBs Early-Late 5th
Brian Winters Kent State 6'5 310 LBs Mid-Late 5th
John Wetzel Boston College 6'8 302 LBs Late 5th-Early 6th
Manase Foketi W Texas A&M 6'5 320 LBs Early-Mid 6th
Lane Johnson Oklahoma 6'7 303 LBs Mid 6th-Early 7th
Elvis Fisher Missouri 6'5 300 LBs Late 6th-Mid 7th
LaAdrian Waddle Texas Tech 6'6 330 LBs Early 7th-UDFA
Alex Hurst LSU 6'6 340 LBs Early 7th-UDFA
Jeff Braun West Virginia 6'5 316 LBs Mid 7th-UDFA
Xavier Nixon Florida 6'6 314 LBs Mid 7th-UDFA



Name College Height Weight Round Projection
Chance Warmack Alabama 6'3 320 LBs Top 25
Barrett Jones Alabama 6'5 311 LBs 1st Round
Jonathan Cooper UNC 6'3 310 LBs Late 1st-Early 2nd
D.J. Fluker Alabama 6'6 335 LBs Late 1st-Early 2nd
Larry Warford Kentucky 6'3  340 LBs Mid-Late 2nd
Travis Frederick Wisconsin 6'4 338 LBs Late 2nd-Early 3rd
Cyril Richardson Baylor 6'5 335 LBs Early-Mid 3rd
Blaize Foltz TCU 6'4 310 LBs Late 3rd-Early 4th
Omoregie Uzzi Georgia Tech 6'3 300 LBs Early-Late 4th
Kyle Long Oregon 6'7 311 LBs Early-Mid 5th
Branden Hansen BYU 6'6 313 LBs Late 5th-Mid 6th
Chris Watt Notre Dame 6'3 310 LBs Mid-Late 6th
Kenarious Gates Georgia 6'4 320 LBs Early 7th-UDFA
Travis Bond UNC 6'7 345 LBs Early 7th-UDFA



Name College Height Weight Round Projection
Barrett Jones Alabama 6'5 311 LBs Late 1st-Early 2nd
Khaled Holmes USC 6'4 305 LBs Late 2nd-Mid 3rd
Mario Benavides Louisville 6'4 300 LBs Mid 3rd-Early 4th
Dalton Freeman Clemson 6'5 285 LBs Late 3rd-Mid 4th
Graham Pocic Illinois 6'5 305 LBs Late 4th-Early 5th
Braxton Cave Notre Dame 6'3 303 LBs Mid-Late 5th
James Ferentz Iowa 6'2 284 LBs Late 5th-Early 6th
Sam Schwartzstein Stanford 6'3 290 LBs 6th Round
Joe Madsen WVU 6'4 310 LBs Early 7th-UDFA


Zach Kidd writes for Bloguin's Atlanta Falcons blog The Grits Blitz and Scar Draft. Follow him on Twitter @GBBZach if you are a fan of college or NFL football.