2013 NFL Draft: QB Rankings

Last week, KrisZ gave us a sneak peak at the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. This week we are going to start looking at some of the positions in the NFL Draft and where we are projecting that guys will be available. Zach Kidd, who writes for Bloguin's Atlanta Falcons blog The Grits Blitz and also writes for Scar Draft, has been kind enough to let us post these so make sure you send him any feedback on Twitter @GBBZach and follow him if you are a fan of college or NFL football (and since you are reading this I would assume you are).

  1. Geno Smith, WVU, 6’3 214 LBs (Top 10)
  2. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas, 6’2 220 LBs (Top 20)
  3. Zac Dysert, Miami-OH, 6’4 228 LBs (Early-Mid Second)
  4. Matt Barkley, USC,  6’2 230 LBs (Second Round)
  5. E.J. Manuel, FSU, 6’4 240 LBs (Late Second- Early Third)
  6. Mike Glennon, NCST, 6’5 232 LBs(Late Second- Early Third)
  7. Tyler Bray, UT, 6’5 215 LBs (Early Third-Mid Third)
  8. Ryan Nassib, Syracuse, 6’2 229 LBs (Third Round)
  9. Landry Jones, Oklahoma, 6’4 220 LBs (Late Fourth-Fifith Rounder)
  10. Aaron Murray, UGA, 6’1 212 LBs (Fifth Rounder)

  11. Colby Cameron, Louisiana Tech,  6’1 205 LBs (Sixth-Seventh Rounder)
  12. Matt Scott, Arizona, 6’2 198 LBs (Sixth-Seventh Rounder)
  13. Collin Klein, Kansas State, 6’5 226 LBs (Seventh Rounder-UDFA)
  14. Seth Doege, Texas Tech, 6’1 200 LBs (Seventh Rounder-UDFA)
  15. Jordan Rodgers, Vanderbilt, 6’1 212 LBs (Seventh Rounder-UDFA)