Auburn Hires Scott Loeffler as Offensive Coordinator

As soon as the Atlanta Falcons finished up their season, the Auburn Tigers wasted no time in hiring Brian Van Gorder to be their Defensive Coordinator. So then why did they wait so long to hire an Offensive Coordinator whose team finished up their season in mid-December? I think you know the answer to that one. Loeffler obviously wasn’t the first choice for Gene Chizik and Auburn. Does that mean that he can’t be a good hire? Of course not, but he is an unproven hire.

Loeffler’s most recent job was with the Temple Owls as he was the Offensive Coordinator for Steve Adazzio. This was Loeffler’s first and only year as an Offensive Coordinator and since it was against MAC defenses, we are just going to throw stats out the window. Some say Loeffler called the plays in Florida’s woodshed beating of previously undefeated Cincinnati in the 2010 Sugar Bowl. Others will tell you that it’s an Urban Legend.

What is fact is that Loeffler spent two years at Florida under Urban Meyer as the QB coach. Loeffler has worked with some storied QBs in his past like Tim Tebow and Tom Brady. He will certainly have his work cut out for him at Auburn as their QB situation was a complete mess last season. Auburn has some talent to work with in Kiehl Frazier and (verbal commit) Zeke Pike but Loeffler will also have to replace Michael Dyer.

For those Auburn fans looking for a quick fix to the offense, this probably isn’t it. That being said, only time will tell if this hire will work out or not.

Kevin Causey

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