This Week In College Football: Urban, Early Rankings, Recruiting and Kiffin

It's the off-season. Recruiting has come and gone, girlfriends have received well deserved scholarships and moms have gotten needed jobs. Now we wait until spring camp starts, follow the NFL draft and hope the players from our favorite schools use their time productively. Each week during the off-season I will take a look at my favorite college football links from the past week and also dip my big toe into pop culture.

Urban Meyer wants to teach the whole world (or at least the Big Ten) how to recruit. I've been critical of Urban Meyer in the past but there is no denying that he knows how to coach and he can recruit with the best of them. If I was a B1G coach I would have my hand way up in the air and be leaning on the edge of my seat as I hoped Mr Meyer would call on me to be his star pupil.

Bill Connelly throws some numbers into a grinder and comes out with some early projections. He looks at five year averages for his F/+ average, returning starters and recruiting rankings for this season. One big surprise is Oklahoma State showing up in the top ten (at #7) but Mike Gundy consistently has outperformed expectations in Stillwater. Ohio State might be a bit low at #9 unless something weird happens in he Big Ten. He also ranks the individual conferences. A couple of surprises: Pittsburgh second in the ACC Coastal, Cincinnati over Louisville in the Big East and UCLA projected fourth in the Pac-12 South. As Bill says in the article, this is just a starting point and makes for interesting conversation so don't take it too personally if your team is #125. Sorry Georgia State!

Eye on College Football takes a look at how first year FBS coaches did in terms of recruiting. We are talking first year at their school, not first year overall so guys like Bret Bielema and Gus Malzahn are in the conversation and not surprisingly they both got a "thumbs up". Malzahn was no doubt helped by former UGA recruiting coordinator Rodney Gardner and the promise of playing time after a dreadful 2012. Who didn't do so well? How bout Butch Jones and Steve Addazio. Addazio was a very interesting hire. I didn't like the hire when Temple chose him a couple of years ago but he did a very good job there. Now he steps into a BC job that has been left for dead and has his work cut out for him. 

Let's stay with the guys from Eye on College Football as they look at some of the most under-appreciated guys on the gridiron. The walk-ons. Here's a look back at an All-Walk-On team from the last decade.

The LSU offense has taken a back seat to it's defense during Les Miles tenure and Miles is looking to shake that up a bit with the hire of Cam Cameron. Cameron is a former NFL head coach (for one year in Miami) and is mostly known for his stints as offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens and the San Diego Chargers. Sounds like a good hire but wasn't Cameron fired earlier this year just before the Ravens offense took off? It's been a while since Cameron has been in college. In fact it's been since 2001 when he was the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers. He coached the Hoosiers for five seasons and failed to post a winning record in any of those seasons. Our buddy Aaron Torres of Crystal Ball Run raises an interesting question. How does this affect Greg Studrawa, who was promoted from Oline coach to OC, and the chemistry of the coaching staff.

Let's just say that in theory there was a college football coach who fired his offensive coordinator just days after national signing day. Who do you think that could be? I'll give you one guess….If you guessed Lane Kiffin, which I know you did, you were right. As The Trojan Empire site points out, the assistant was instrumental in luring a running back to campus and then one day after the ink is dry on the fax…he was let go. If it seems shady, it's definitely Lane Kiffin. The hot seat is warming up.

That does it for the college football portion. Now let's take a dive in pop culture and talk a little about tv, movies, podcasts and music depending on what I've been watching or listening to during the week…..


TV Quote of the Week

"I'm going to get 12 eggs and part of a dead animal. Dealer's choice. Please and thank you."- Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)


Most Anticipated Show of the Week


Podcast Recommendation

I listen to a lot of podcasts. One I've recently found is called The Ten Minute Podcast and features Will Sasso (MADtv), Chris D'Elia (Whitney) and Bryan Callen. If you try it and you don't like it then no big deal, you only lost ten minutes!. If you like listening to guys busts each others chops this is a pretty fun listen. They also have a catchy theme song which is a huge plus.


The IPod Five

Each week I will hit shuffle on my ipod (I currently have 4,539 songs) and see what five songs pop up.

#1 Swim- Surfer Blood (Astrocoast)

I found this one on a "best of" list a couple of years ago somewhere on the web. 


#2 Fixed Gears and Broken Hearts- Butch Walker (I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart)

Butch is probably more well known as a producer (he's worked with Pete Yorn, Avril Lavigne, Lindsay Lohan, Pink, Katy Perry, Weezer and Taylor Swift) but I just enjoy his brand of pop rock, his I don't care attitude and his catchy tunes.


#3 Ticket to Ride- The Beatles (Help!)

I'm pretty sure you've heard of these guys. I'm not a huge Beatles guy so this is probably from my wife's collection. If the Beatles are on I probably won't change the song but I also usually don't seek out their music. This one is actually probably one of their tunes I like the most.


#4 Hey Johnny Park!- Foo Fighters (The Colour And The Shape)

The Foo Fighters are a band that I loved when the first came out but just haven't listened to much in the recent past. This song is from their second release (1997) and definitely stands the test of time. I was able to see these guys in concert once at the Masquerade Music Park in Atlanta way back in 1996. Kim Deal's The Amps opened.


#5 Just a Kid- Wilco (The Spongebob Squarepants Movie)

Wilco is one of my favorite bands and it's not odd that they popped up here as I have over 200 Wilco songs on the ipod. It's kind of weird that this song popped up as it's a more obscure one that doesn't appear on any of their albums. It's actually on the soundtrack to the Spongebob Square Pants movie and was written by Jeff Tweedy and his son Spencer. I had the opportunity to see Wilco in concert about three years ago at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Great show, great venue.

Until next week….

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