This Week In College Football: Johnny Football, Canes Allegations, B1G Expansion

It's the college football off-season. Last years players have been poked and prodded at the combine and now we wait for spring football and the NFL Draft. Check out our friends over at The Saturday Edge to see when your team suits up this spring and check out Optimum Scouting to see how your favorite players fared at the combine. If you are an SEC fan, make sure you check out our sneak peeks into 2013 as we preview Arkansas, Auburn, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Missouri, Ole MissTennessee and Vanderbilt.  Let's take our weekly off-season look at the our favorite links and the biggest news from this past week in college football….

Johnny Manziel is trying to get some money from those who have been profiting off of his "Johnny Football" moniker. Manziel wouldn't be able to profit while he is an "amateur" but would be able to keep any winnings from the lawsuit for a later date. Speaking of Manziel, there has also been quite a buzz about him taking on-line classes instead of actually going to class like a regular college student. I'm all for him trying to be compensated for his moniker. Why should someone be able to take advantage of his name but he's not able to? About the classes? He's still just a sophomore (red-shirt freshman) so I'm not crazy about him taking on-line classes. He seems to be showing up everywhere but College Station these days. He should just concentrate on being a college student and a football player until he decides to turn pro, which could be as early as next season.

Miami has received their notice of allegations from the NCAA and of course the school has been nailed with the "lack of institutional control". This isn't as cut and dry as a usual investigation because the NCAA scrubbed some of it's findings due to violations of their own. The Canes have already skipped two bowl games and an ACC Championship Game that they didn't have a chance of hell in winning. Will that be enough? We will know in around three or four months.

Maryland and Rutgers will join the Big Ten in 2014 but the B1G doesn't seem to be stopping there and is targeting the ACC for further expansion. It has been reported that UNC already has an offer and if they accept, the next two schools being considered are Georgia Tech and Virginia. The other big question out of all this is will Clemson and FSU bolt for the Big 12 (or even perhaps the SEC) if this happens? Are we seeing the fall of the ACC?

Football Study Hall has an interesting article taking a look back at the 2012 offenses of Dana Holgersen and Mike Leach. 

Check out Smart Football's look at the "evolution" of the option offense. 

Who was the most dangerous wide receiver from 2005 to 2012? We visit Football Study Hall again and their stats say it's….Harry Douglas? In 2012 it was USC's Marqise Lee and a lot of SEC guys are also on the list (Cobi Hamliton at #2, Amari Cooper at #7, Tavarres King and #8, Justin Hunter at #9 and Jordan Matthews at #10).

The college football off-season gives me a little bit of a chance to catch up on some other things so let's take a dive in pop culture and talk a little about tv, movies, podcasts and music depending on what I've been watching or listening to during the week…..


Movie Pick of the Week

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena are team up as two LAPD cops in this gritty film that is a bit overlooked. My wife and I both enjoyed it.


Podcast Recommendation

Sklarbro Country

You might know them from ESPN's Cheap Seats but comedians Randy and Jason Sklar also put together a solid podcast that hits twice a week (once as Sklarbro Country and once as Sklarbro County). They hit on "weird" stories that sometimes involves sports (and sometimes just crazy people) and also have a bunch of solid guests.


The IPod Five

Each week I will hit shuffle on my ipod (I currently have 4,539 songs) and see what five songs pop up.


#1 Life on a Chain- Pete Yorn (Music for the Morning After)

Pete Yorn is one of those musicians who hasn't quite been able to repeat the quality of his first release


#2 Your Favorite Thing- Sugar (File Under Easy Listening)

Former Husker Du front man Bob Mould is the front man in this band from the 90s. Weird fact about Bob Mould is that he was actually a part of WCW (World Championship Wrestling) from a bit towards their end of their run as a writer.


#3 Verse Chorus Verse- Nirvana (No Alternative)

A pretty solid and relatively unknown Nirvana song.


#4 Our Lips Are Sealed- The Go-Go's (Romy and Michele's High School Reunion)

You know you like it. Have to thank the wife for this one…


#5 Sweet Black Angel- The Rolling Stones (Exile on Main Street)

I didn't really get into the Stone until a few years ago but Exile is by far my favorite of their releases.

Until next week…..

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